It's true, a Vegas wedding is just a little more fun than a traditional wedding in your hometown. Not only is it easy and convenient to plan and book your wedding, Vegas is affordable to fly to and you can find great deals on hotels and food. Historically, Vegas weddings are known for their spur of the moment nature. These weddings are still part of the Vegas culture and spirit, but planning a Vegas wedding in advance is still free-spirited and convenient. Plus, you can invite your families and friends to share in your awesome Vegas wedding day. The following is a list of tips for helping you to have the best Vegas wedding ever while saving a bundle!

Stay near the famous Vegas strip but not right on it.

All of the hotels on the strip charge a daily "resort fee". This is between $15-$28 a day. If you stay in Vegas for five days, that's an extra $75-$140 per room that you may not even be aware that you are going to be charged for. It can come as a nasty surprise on your honeymoon as the charge usually doesn't go through until a day or two after you have checked out.

Rent outfits for the bride, groom, and wedding party.

With so many weddings held in Vegas, there are tons of places to rent beautiful wedding gowns. This will help you to travel light, rather than trying to transport a bulky wedding dress on a plane. Plus, if you rent the gown, you may be able to wear a dream dress that would not have been practical to buy outright.

Get married on the strip.

The strip provides one stop shopping for all of your wedding service needs. An officiant, who may be dressed as Elvis (if you so desire), a photographer, and a videographer will all be on hand for your wedding ceremony. Be sure to call a few months in advance to ask what days are busy. You don't want your ceremony to be rushed because another couple is in line to get married behind you.

Instead of a reception, celebrate by partying on the strip

Vegas is all about partying and socializing. Go out on the town with your wedding guests instead of throwing a costly reception. Buy the first few rounds and hand out some casino tokens to all of your wonderful friends and family.

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