Finding the right wedding dress is one challenge every bride faces. Luckily, you can find the perfect dress or at least narrow down your options if you know how to start your search. After gathering some additional information, the process will become easier and you will find the dress for your upcoming wedding.

Choose a Style

Before you can buy a dress, you need to pick a style. By choosing this one aspect, you help narrow down your options.

To start, you want to consider the different cuts or silhouettes that are available. For example, an A-line dress has a decorative top and the material starts to flare outwards at the waistline. With this design, the waistline generally has some type of decoration to accent the hips such as a belt, ribbon or beading.

Another classic option is an empire dress, which starts to flow outwards right under the bust line. This style highlights the bust area and flows over the rest of the body, which is a great option if you do not want a tight fitting dress.  

Research the Designers

Another way to figure out what type of dress you want is to research the designers and see which ones appeal to you. You can find several unique wedding dresses through the designers. Many of them sell their dresses online or through stores all over the world.

Since there are so many designers, it is best to contact local seamstresses and ask them for recommendations. These individuals have probably seen all types of dresses from different companies and designers, so they can help you narrow down your initial search. Once you have a few names, like Val Stefani, you can look through their designs and see if any appeal to you.

Go to Trunk Shows

You also have the option of visiting trunk shows. These fashion shows specialize in one type of formal wear for events like the prom and weddings.

At these events, you can see how the dresses flow as the person walks. By seeing how the dress moves, you can rule out certain styles that look pretty, but would be too difficult or bulky for you to wear.

Another benefit is that the designers or at least someone that represents them will be at these shows. This gives you the opportunity to ask in-depth questions about the dresses such as materials, cost and the time it takes to make one.

When looking for your wedding dress, it is challenging to say the least. Your best option is to pick a style first and then find a designer that can make the dress for you.