One of the most romantic locations to hold a wedding is aboard a cruise ship. There is nothing like saying your vows out across the vast ocean or while docked at a gorgeous island paradise. When you plan a wedding on a cruise ship, there are some definite advantages-- one being your family and friends can come with you on your journey. There are other important factors you should know as well.

Not All Cruise Lines Allow Onboard Weddings

While there are options to choose from when picking a cruise line to hold your wedding, not all of them allow onboard weddings. You may also have a problem finding good package deals for yourself and your guests on certain cruise lines. Do your research carefully to ensure you aren't choosing a line where you will have to marry off the ship when your dream is to have it onboard. There are also ships that don't offer wedding packages, meaning you will have to plan and pay for everything separately.

Weddings are More Expensive at Certain Times of the Year

The more popular cruise lines that do offer onboard wedding packages often add fees and surcharges to your package during certain times of the year. The majority of these ships have wedding planners, specialized packages and catering and they are very popular during portions of the year. Depending on which cruise line you choose, check into when your wedding will cost you more before you go ahead and plan it.

Not All Captains can Marry You

If you want the ship's captain to marry you, you will have to check with your cruise line to see if this is possible. A ship's captain is only able to marry a couple within the regions in which the ship is registered. For example, there are cruise lines that have registered their ships in the Caribbean and others in Europe. There are only a few cruise lines in which the captain is legally able to marry you.

Port Weddings can Have a Big Disadvantage

While port weddings are great, especially on a tropical island or in a historical port city in Europe, they have one big disadvantage – what happens if the ship has to skip that port? It may not happen on every cruise, but sometimes the ship must make a detour and not make it to the port in which you would like to hold your wedding. This could be due to bad weather such as a hurricane or even high winds making it dangerous for the ship to approach port. It might be a wise idea, if you have chosen a port where there could be an issue, to instead hold an onboard wedding and then have a celebration at the port if possible. Contact a company like Scarlett Belle for more information.