Congratulations! You are getting married! Now you just have to find a venue and officiant; choose, order, address and send out invitations; pick your wedding party and their clothes; find a wedding dress; and the list goes on and on. Or, you could hire a wedding planner. While you will still be busy meeting with the planner and anyone doing anything for the wedding to make sure it is all coming together, you won't have to do the actual searching and such. But seriously, there are a number of very good reasons why you should hire a wedding planner.


Yes, you will have to pay for the services of the wedding planner. However, he or she is in the business of handling weddings and other events. This person deals and works with the people and companies you are going to need for your wedding, such as florists, DJs or bands, the venue organizer, and seamstresses. A good wedding planner can get deals and discounts on almost everything you need that you would never even think about. It is quite possible that the money the planner saves you will more than pay his or her fees.


You are going to be under stress about the wedding whether you do it all yourself or let the wedding planner do everything. However, when all you have to really worry about is final opinions and getting dressed for the ceremony, it takes away a lot of the stress. Your wedding planner will see problems as soon as they arise and nip them in the bud before they become an issue you have to contend with.


While you might think you know the best place to go dress shopping, or which photographer to hire, a wedding planner has dealt with many different people. He or she has met with many brides and grooms and found all kinds of vendors. If you have an idea but have not been able to find a way to pull it off, a wedding planner often has a solution. Perhaps you want an old England-themed wedding but can't find the right decorations. A wedding planner will know places to look or who to talk to in order to get an authentic look.

Wedding planners are committed to their job. If a problem arises late at night or on a weekend, the planner will handle it. Even with a planner, there will be so much for you to do your head is going to spin. Hire a wedding planner, such as those at Events By Nichole, so that when it comes time to walk down the aisle you are not a jittering mess from all the work it took to get that far. Seriously.