As you plan your wedding day, you may be looking for a wedding reception venue that is unique and special. Somebrides and grooms aren't satisfied with some of the more traditional wedding reception ideas  out there. If you won't be happy with a banquet hall, consider the following wedding venue ideas to inspire you and your wedding planner. You may just find the option that is perfect for you and your fiance.

Botanical Gardens

Instead of using bouquets of flowers to decorate your wedding, why not let flowers be the backdrop for the event? Hosting your reception at your local botanical garden offers a beautiful way to celebrate your nuptials. You can set up round tables along the paths that lead to different floral exhibits, so your guests can see all of the specimens on display. You can continue the floral theme of your reception by serving edible flowers with dessert or giving away tulip bulbs as wedding favors.


Theaters can be great places for wedding ceremonies and receptions. You can walk down the aisle and up to the stage for the ceremony, and you can have the stage set with tables and chairs for the reception. If you want to host the ceremony and reception together, you can have your wedding planner set up the reception area behind the stage curtain. The curtain can then be opened after the ceremony is over so guests can make their way from the theater seats to the stage. Have fun with this theme by handing out opera glasses as party favors. You can also create a theme by giving each table the name of a hit musical instead of just a number.


If you and your fiance are outdoorsy people, consider hosting your wedding ceremony and reception at a nearby campground. Look for a location that offers a main dining hall that can be rented out. This can serve as your backup plan should the weather not permit an outdoor wedding and reception. You can even invite your guests to camp for the weekend at the location. Consider passing out small survival gear kits for all of your guests, and think about bringing the camping theme to your reception menu. You can serve s'mores for dessert instead of cake, and your dinner menu could consist of gourmet takes on hot dogs and other camping favorites.

Talk to your wedding planner about your desire to select a unique location, and then work together to build a theme around your chosen reception venue. With a bit of creativity, you can come up with a fun and exciting way to spend your big day. For more ideas, contact other potential wedding venues, such as Gold Canyon Golf Resort and Spa.