If you are planning to get married in a wedding chapel, there are different types of chapels available to you and your soon to be partner. Once you find the wedding chapel you want, you then have to consider some things while you are planning the wedding. Below is more information about this so you can get started.

Types of Wedding Chapels

You can choose the traditional wedding chapel if you prefer or you can choose to have a different type of chapel. What is available to you does depend on where you plan to get married. For example, some wedding chapels have a look a like famous person to act as the father of the bride and walk you down the aisle.

You can also find wedding chapels that offer drive-thru weddings. You can simply roll up to the window and get married while sitting in your car. You won't have to worry about how you are dressed, music, flowers, or anything else. As long as you have your partner and a tank of gas you are set to go.

If it is near a holiday you can decorate the wedding chapel. For example, if it is Halloween, you can decorate with ghosts, goblins, witches, and pumpkins. If it is Christmas, you can create a fairy tale wedding with beautiful Christmas trees and lights. You can also have Santa at the wedding with you.

Contact some wedding chapels to determine what they can offer you.

Things to Consider

Once you find the wedding chapel you would like, there are things you have to consider. First, who will be doing the wedding. This could be a minister or a rabbi. Depending on where you are getting married a look a like star can do your wedding. Just make sure whoever does it is legally able to do so.

You also have to consider the flowers, as you can use silk or fresh. The types of flowers could be tropical, lilies, or roses. Most wedding chapels offer a flower package. You can choose the type that you would like. You can also bring your own flowers to the chapel if you prefer.

Even though you are getting married in a wedding chapel, you should still hire a wedding photographer to take pictures. A videographer is also something to consider as you can have a video to keep of your special day.

Talk with your partner and make a list of what you each would like in a wedding chapel.