When you set a large budget for your wedding to get a beautiful venue for the ceremony and reception, you should not have any issues with capturing incredible photos. But, you may be determined to have a courthouse wedding, which means you will not have a breathtaking venue for the ceremony, but the inside of a courtroom that will not look impressive on its own.

If you know that you are going to hire a wedding photographer, you will want to get a little creative to capture the best photos throughout the entire experience.

Take Photos as a Couple Beforehand

When you get dressed up for the wedding, you can schedule the morning or afternoon so that you show up at the courthouse shortly before the ceremony begins. But, you should consider hiring a photographer earlier so that you can go out and take photos as a couple beforehand.

This allows you to choose a beautiful setting that you can go to alone with your partner. It will ensure that you are comfortable with all the photos so that you can capture a collection of fun, flirty, and romantic photos without worrying about whether guests are watching and waiting.

Since this will happen before the wedding, you may want to avoid locations where you could get the suit and dress dirty as this can lead to ceremony and reception photos with stained clothes.

Pick an Impressive Suit and Dress

Even if the courthouse does not provide you with an attractive setting for a ceremony, you can still make it look great by picking an impressive suit and dress. Saving so much money by not going with a fancy ceremony may allow you to increase your budget for the attire. This can make it easy to accessorize and add extra details to the dress to achieve more than a standard look.

Prioritize a Lovely Reception Venue

An easy way to take beautiful and memorable photos with all your guests is to pick a great reception venue. You can even have it in a family member's backyard, especially when you invest in landscaping and decorate the entire backyard before everyone heads to the reception.

While you may skip a wedding venue, you can still find plenty of reception venues out there. This is a smart option because it will give a photographer an incredible setting for photos.

Considering wedding photography when you make plans for a courthouse wedding will ensure that you are able to end up with a collection of good-looking photos.