Designer bridal gowns are so very different from designer to designer. That is a good thing, considering how different styles appeal (or do not appeal!) to different brides. In fact, if you wanted to, there are a couple of different approaches to designing a wedding dress that you can explore, from least to greatest expense.

YOU Design Your Own Dress

Many women and girls dream of wearing the perfect dress when they marry. They have images in their heads of what they want to wear. Some will even go so far as to cut out wedding dress pictures to show to bridal dress stores of what they want in a dress. You could do the same, or you can design and draw your own dress. The great thing about this approach to designing your own dress is that there will never be another dress like it in the world. It is entirely unique, and no one else can ever copy it without seeing it. If you design your own dress, then all you need is to purchase the cloth, lace, ribbons and hire a talented seamstress to make the dress. Doing so rarely costs you more than a couple hundred dollars, most of which goes to paying the seamstress for his/her time.

You Buy a Minor Designer Dress

Up-and-coming wedding dress designers have not quite made a name for themselves yet. That means a bargain for you because you still get a designer dress; just not one by a major fashion designer. If this newer designer is willing, and you live in the same city as the not-quite-famous designer, you may even be able to ask him/her directly to design the perfect dress for you. It will cost you more than designing the dress yourself, but definitely less than a wedding dress by, say, Vera Wang, Donatella Versace, or Christian Dior.

You Go Whole Hog on a Major Designer Dress

Iconic houses of fashion design wedding dresses for those that have the money to pay for it. If you want to drop ten grand or more on just your wedding gown, you can get almost any major fashion designer to make a dress for you. There is just one caveat; you typically have to allow the designer free reign to create. Yes, you will have a one-of-a-kind wedding dress by a major designer, but it may not always be what you expected, and you still have to pay for it. (You could also try buying one of their dresses off the rack, so that you already know what your dress will look like, but it will not be one-of-a-kind.)

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