If you are going to have a cocktail hour at your wedding, add a little fun and variety to your wedding with food stations for your cocktail hour. Food stations are a great way to tidy your guests over until dinner time, or a great way to ensure that your guests balance drinking and food if you are just having a cocktail hour at your wedding. Food stations allow guests to choose what they eat and can give a more relaxed feeling to your wedding. Here are four fun food stations to consider for your cocktail hour.

Popcorn Station

If you want something lighthearted, consider a popcorn station. You can allow guests to try all sorts of different popcorn, which can easily be prepared in advance. You can serve classics such as butter popcorn, caramel popcorn, and all kinds of cheesy popcorn flavors. You can mix things up with more adventurous flavors, such as butterscotch or jalapeno. Have scoopers and paper cup holders on hand for your guests. This is great if you want a light snack before a larger meal.

With a popcorn station, you may want to set it up on some rustic wood farm tables from a farm table rental company. This will add a classic feeling to your popcorn station.

Pretzel Bar

Almost everyone loves a pretzel! You can serve large soft pretzels, with and without salt on them. You can serve pretzel nuggets as well. Where a pretzel food station really shines though is with the dipping options. You can have the standards like melted cheese and mustard, and some more creative dips such as chipotle dip or Nutella. Have some fun and get creative with the dips. This is another great station if you want a light snack before a larger meal.

With a pretzel bar, be sure to set up one table with all of your pretzel options and another table with all of the dips. If you have a really large wedding, you may want to set up a few different stations. Be sure to rent enough tables to cover your wedding food stations, as well as places for people to sit.

Taco Bar

Tacos are a fan favorite, and you can cater to a wide variety of different food preferences with a taco bar. You can offer meat fillings, such as pulled chicken, steak, and seafood. You can offer vegan and vegetarian main fillings, such as cashew-based taco meat or cauliflower tacos.

There are lots of great fillings and toppings you can provide, starting with the regular toppings like lettuce, cheese, cilantro, green onions, pico de gallo, and guacamole. You can also have some fun and introduce your guests to new toppings such as pickled cabbage, corn, jalapenos, mangos, and pineapple. You can serve corn and flour soft shells as well as crunchy, hard shells. This is a great food station if you are only having a cocktail hour instead of a formal sit down dinner. Whenever you are serving alcohol, you want to make sure you are serving food to balance everything out.

With a taco bar, you may want to have a few different tables setup. You may want to have one table for all the different shell options, another for all the meat options, and a third table for all the food options.

If you are having a cocktail hour and a sit-down dinner, keep your cocktail hour food stations more on the snack side. If you are not serving a sit-down dinner, go with more hearty food stations for your cocktail hour. Make sure that you rent enough tables for everyone to sit down and have somewhere to eat, as well as enough tables for all of your food stations.