One of the most classic types of weddings you can have is a beach wedding. For many people, a beach wedding is just a dream. With the sun and the sand and the sound of the rolling waves and your loved one right beside you, you have practically everything you need. Here are a few other details you need to pay attention to when you are planning your beautiful beach wedding.    

1. Go for a Light Dress  

When it comes to choosing a dress for your beach wedding, you don't want a big and heavy dress. Heavy fabric can be difficult to manage on the beach and sand. Instead, go for a dress made out of a lighter fabric that will flow around beautifully in the ocean breeze, and will not weigh you down as you walk across the sandy beach to your loved one.   

2. Skip the Veil 

A veil can be really tricky at a beach wedding, where there is bound to be some wind throughout your ceremony. That is why it is a good idea to skip the traditional veil, and instead add some accessories, such as flowers, to your hair. That way you can still feel beautiful without having to deal with a veil whipping around you the entire time.  

3. Think About the Timing  

With a beach wedding, you should aim to have the ceremony during the day. Don't wait until sunset; if you wait until sunset, that beautiful ocean behind you is going to turn dark, and will not look nearly as beautiful in your pictures. Get married when it is still sunny outside, and be sure to check out the specific beach you want to use to get married. This way you can position the aisle and the chairs so that everyone is not staring into the sun, blinded as you say your vows.   

4. Bring Comfortable Chairs  

Sure, you can rent fancy chairs for your beach wedding, which is great if you want a formal-casual look. Or you can bring in the camping chairs so that everyone who is watching the wedding is really comfortable. Just remember to bring in some sort of chair, as your grandma may not be comfortable standing up for the entire ceremony outside. If you are using a venue, the venue where you hold your wedding should be able to provide chairs for the ceremony.    

When it comes to planning a beach wedding, go for a lightweight dress that will dance in the breeze, skip the veil and go for beautiful hair accessories. Get married during the day, and remember chairs for your guests.