You might have thought that you would like to use one of your friends to be the DJ at your wedding reception. There is more to being a DJ, however, then playing a wide range of music. Plus, your friend just might want to enjoy the reception instead of working.

If you want to really enjoy your big day, here are some great reasons why you should hire a reception DJ for your wedding reception instead.

1. They Have a Large Music Selection

Professional DJs have a large music selection that they are constantly expanding. They know what the popular songs are and what artists are up and coming or are hot at the moment. They don't just fill their selections with only songs and musicians that they like but incorporate all music genres into their playlists, which includes music from different countries, eras, and genres.

Creating different playlists from songs from every corner of the world isn't easy, and not always possible by using popular streaming services. Often, DJs have to get their music from CDs and even vinyl and convert them to digital to get the type of extensive playlists required for any type of reception.

2. They Bring Professional Equipment

Professional DJs have professional and advanced equipment to ensure only the best sound, smooth transition between songs, and even lighting effects. The equipment can include speakers capable of producing clear, concise sounds without distortion. They have microphones for speeches and to get the crowd excited and having a good time. They also have soundboards and mixers to ensure only the best music possible.

3. They Offer Experience and Expert Planning Skills

A professional DJ who has years of experience can make all the difference in the world to your wedding reception. They know how to get people dancing and to create the type of mood you want for certain parts of the night. They can create a romantic atmosphere for your first dance, or a warm family feeling for the father/daughter dance.

A professional also knows that it takes planning ahead of time and working with their clients to ensure the evening goes well. They will consult with you and work to ensure all the songs you want to hear at certain points during the night are included. It also ensures that guests of all ages can have music they want to hear along with their favorite artists if they request it.