You may have decided that you don't want to have a big wedding. It could be that a larger wedding is too expensive, or perhaps you simply want to get married in front of only a select few of your friends and family members. A small wedding can be a very special occasion, and it's more intimate and welcoming to everyone.

If you are planning on having a small wedding, here are some tips to make it special.

Invite Only Your Closest Friends And Family

It can be difficult to make a guest list when you plan to have a small wedding. If you have a large extended family that you are close to and a lot of friends, it can be hard to know who you should invite when you are planning a small wedding. The best way to make up your guest list for a smaller wedding is to only invite your closest friends and family members.

If you would like for other extended family and friends to see your wedding, you could ask your wedding planner about live streaming options. This way, you can have all your friends and family there virtually. If you would like to celebrate with extended family and friends at a later date, you could invite them to a BBQ or a simple party to celebrate.

Pick A Non-Traditional Wedding Venue

When you have a larger wedding, some venues are going to be out of your reach as they won't have the capacity to hold that many people. If you are going to have a small wedding, however, more options will open up to you. You can actually choose a non-traditional wedding venue if you choose.

For example, you could have your wedding and ceremony in a restaurant, a historical building, a park by a water fountain or lake, or even in a private home. You could choose the place you met or even where you got engaged. When you have a small wedding, more venues will be open to you so you can think outside the box.

Your Guests Can Be Involved In The Ceremony

When you have a small wedding, you can actually have your guests become involved in the ceremony. You could have them write down thoughts or good wishes and even pieces of wisdom for you, which can be read during the ceremony. You could either have the officiant read them, or you could opt for your guests to read their notes themselves. It's a great way to get your guests involved, and it helps to make the day special and memorable.

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