Most couples automatically assume that their wedding should occur on a Saturday, or at least on a weekend. But have you considered all the benefits of a weekday wedding instead? This unconventional choice can create a number of unexpected perks. To help you see how a weekday wedding could enhance your day, here are a few such perks. 

1. More Venue Choice

Because those Saturday dates are the most popular, they're also the most booked-up. But that same dream venue could be available much sooner and much more often on various weekdays. 

2. Lower Venue Costs

As with any popular destination or service, you save money when you buy it in the off-season. Wedding venues have an off-season, but they also have off-season days — Monday through Friday. They often reduce the cost of some or all of the venue's services, so you can either have the same wedding for less money or have a larger event for the same budget. 

3. Fewer Other Events

Does your desired venue provide services for more than one wedding party at a time? Some couples find this a challenge as they may feel like they're sharing their special day with strangers. You may also worry about noise, confusion, or split attention by staff. However, a quieter weekday wedding might let you have the whole place to yourself. 

4. Simplified Party Planning

One of the biggest limitations of a weekday wedding is that you may have less time. After your guests work all day — and when they have to go to work or school the next day too — they're less likely to attend a long, late wedding reception. This can work in your favor, though, as it often means less to plan, less to pay for, and less to organize. 

5. Reduced Guest List

Those scheduling limitations for weekday weddings usually reduce the number of guests who will be able to attend. But this could work to your advantage if you want to keep things more intimate. This may be an organic and subtle way to weed out your drunk uncles, coworkers, college friends, or out-of-town relatives — without ruffling feathers. 

Want to know more about how a weekday wedding can solve problems, save money, or make your big day more personal? Start by consulting with wedding venues in your area today. No matter what day you choose, the more options you have, the more you can craft the nuptials of your dreams.