Traditional wedding planning involves a lot of things, perhaps because you want to invite everyone — your colleagues, family, classmates, friends, and neighbors. However, things have changed these days, and planning a wedding shouldn't be stressful anymore. The success of your wedding shouldn't depend on the number of people who attend. You can choose to elope and focus more on how emotional and intimate the wedding will be. Nowadays, elopements are trendy, and most couples find them a more favorable option when planning their wedding. This happens because you just concentrate on what both of you want to achieve on that day and just invite a few people or guests to celebrate with you. Here's why elopements are so popular these days.

They Are Less Stressful

It's sometimes not usually easy to plan a traditional wedding because you have to make a long list of the people you want to invite and at times get tempted to invite as many people as you can to prove something. You could also have to consult a lot when planning the wedding. However, it's good to know that the more people you invite, the more expensive the event is likely to be. Moreover, the planning logistics could also become quite extensive. In fact, the event becomes overwhelming because you are too much into what people will say about it or the public image it will create. However, you don't get stressed or overwhelmed when you elope because you only focus on your expectations rather than what other people expect.

They Are More Personal and Unique

Elopements are more popular because they are easier and different from traditional weddings in several ways. To begin with, they come with zero limitations. This means you aren't limited when it comes to the location and venue you choose. Also, you have the freedom to choose your vows and what to wear. Actually, you can even customize the elopement based on what the two of you want to achieve. You just need to make it a personal, unique, and memorable experience.

They Help You Avoid Wedding Day Drama

Planning a traditional wedding can be hectic, mainly when the relatives and vendors don't seem to cooperate. Some may put unnecessary demands on the wedding day, making the event a bit more dramatic. Others may even dictate who cuts the cake and who sings which song. They may even insist on some cultural activities that don't add value to your wedding. In fact, some relatives could insist on being served before the guests are served, tainting the image of the ceremony. Luckily, an elopement will help you avoid any drama on the wedding day.

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